David HUDSON – Tempa Lectrure 1995

### David Hudson’s Lecture in Tempa, Florida – November 3&4 1995 (Transcript) Extracts from: http://www.subtleenergies.com/ORMUS/presentations/tampaout.htm

ORME’s , byDavid Hudson

[These notes cover the first three and a half hours of a seven hour and forty five minute presentation. Numbers at the beginning of lines refer to time into the presentation.]

Lecture notes.

00:01:08 – Introduction and history of past presentation and future presentation schedule.

00:07:35 – Hudson’s conservative heritage. All things are possible. Farm and other personal history. How the material was discovered.

00:11:30 – Sulfuric acid as a soil amendment.

00:15:12 – Hudson’s theories on banking and the gold standard.

00:24:40 – How the mining operation got started. This is the best, most accurate and complete description of how Hudson discovered this stuff. Includes a description of the cyanide recovery process.

00:26:30 – “Problem” material.

00:28:30 – Definition of platinum group elements. Got The Analytical Chemistry of Platinum Group Elements by Ginsberg in 1978 or 1979. How to analyze unknown materials. 300 second burns.

00:33:00 – 3.5 meter spectroscopy machine and person who built it. Description of first long burn carbon arc spectroscopy on this material. PGM’s start after 70 seconds.

00:37:30 – First fifteen seconds of burn only reads 15-20% of material.

00:38:10 – Cornell professor John Byrd is singled out by Hudson. Expert on analysis of PGM’s can analyze down to three to five parts per billion of PGM’s. Discusses physical properties and chemistry of material.

00:40:20 – Material explodes in sunlight. Description of circumstances of “explosion”.

00:42:20 – Description of chemical processes to remove the iron, silica and aluminum. Now you have pure nothing.

00:45:00 – List of ounces per ton of PGM’s and comparison with South African mines.

00:46:40 – Neutron activation test at Harwell Labs in London. No precious elements detected.

00:49:35 – Hired PhD analytical chemist named John who agreed to work for no charge until he made the report, then Hudson would pay for report at 60 per hour.

00:54:10 – Description of process which separates same material into three equal parts which analyze differently.

00:55:40 – Pacific SpectraChem in L.A. analyzes the material.

00:58:30 – Description of DC arc furnace and destruction of tungsten electrode. New pyrex beakers fall apart, wiring falls apart. Nothing is radioactive but there is gamma emission from the burn. Warning against doing high energy metallurgy.

1:03:00 – Call from Jim Christianson in bay area who worked with Lehman Brothers ?cumilobe?. He mentioned that GE uses rhodium in fuel cells.

1:04:33 – GE scientists claim that dis-aggregated materials work better in fuel cells. [Not in other presentations.]

1:06:49 – United Technologies had phosphoric acid fuel cell technology and were not interested in solid polymer electrolyte technology. Phosphoric acid prevents carbon monoxide from getting to the electrode. Platinum poisons with carbon monoxide but rhodium does not. [why is this?]

1:08:00 – No rhodium detected in original material. Tony La Conti and Jose Giner of Giner Incorporated.

1:09:25 – X-ray wave length is about 15 angstroms if your particle size is less than 15 angstroms the x-ray cannot see it. Our stuff was monoatomic. The metal binds at about 1.8 to 2 angstroms. You have to have about 25 to thirty atoms in a cluster before it will be seen by x-rays. Our material in a monoatomic state is x-ray amorphous. It goes to an aggregation on the carbon and grows crystallites that are fifteen angstroms on the side.

1:10:40 – They encourage Hudson to patent this material. Went to patent attorneys in Washington D.C. Briner and Briner are attorneys who Hudson consulted. Hal Briner.

1:13:00 – Thermo-Gravimetric analysis measures weight of material. Material weighs 56% of it’s original weight when it turns white. When material is melted into quartz glass it regains it’s weight. If you heat it after two or three annealings to 850 degrees it weighs less than nothing when it’s hot.

1:17:00 – Discussion of superconductivity.

1:19:00 – Discussion of how electrons go into a superconductor as light.

1:22:35 – You can put any amount of energy you want into it up to a point which is called HC2 it’s the maximum critical field it can stand. When it gets to that point it collapses and then you have volts. You don’t want to be around it when this happens.

1:23:30 – In March of 1988 we filed patents on ORMES.

1:26:00 – Discusses why patent could not be filed in U.S.

1:27:00 – Gets phone call out of blue from a man who wants to invest. Man flies out of Langley and tries to invest in Hudson’s process.

1:28:30 – Superconductors deflect neutrons. While neutrons have no electrical charge they do have a spin charge. A superconductor is so powerful that it can deflect the spin charge of neutrons.

1:30:20 – Discusses how Argonne National Laboratories tested his process. Met with Roger B. Poeppel (rb_poeppel@qmgate.anl.gov) who was the head of Ceramics and Superconductivity.

1:32:38 – Mike McNallen and Steve Danaluc at High Tech converted yellow gold to the white powder for Hudson using his procedure so that it could be tested at Argonne labs. Patent office asked Hudson to teach them how to convert monoatomic gold back to metallic gold.

1:35:00 – There is no U.S. patent.

1:35:50 – In 1991 while Hudson was involved in litigation and couldn’t work with this stuff in other ways he searched the literature and found all the references that are quoted in the lectures. He also was contacted by his uncle with a book on alchemy which talked about white powder gold. If you heat it to 1160 degrees under a vacuum you can make a clear gold glass. It is very brittle, you can grind it right back down to a powder.

1:37:50 – We went to Safeway and bought some cows brains and pigs brains and found that they contained rhodium and iridium.

1:38:50 – We injected 1mg into the dogs tumor and it went away. Was then given to HIV patient. 2mg. every other day.

1:40:25 – Treated Karposi Sarcoma. 2mg. per day for a month and the lesions were totally gone.

1:41:10 – We have since worked with cancers, ALS, MS, MD, pancreatic cancer, liver cancer. With brain cancer where there is a size limitation you don’t want to use this material since it will cause the tumor to expand and open up at first.

1:42:00 – It is now being evaluated under the NIH alternative medicine division back in NYC. We are doing work in Ashland, Oregon. We’re doing work in Atlanta, Georgia. We’re doing work in Phoenix and Tucson developing data on the information.

1:42:30 – It is a new form of matter, a room temperature superconductor that superconducts up to 800 degrees. For those who are involved with science the implications for electronics, the implications for wave mechanics, the implications for q-filters for radio transmissions, the implications for all these areas is immense.

1:43:10 – The U.S. Naval Research Facility has research which shows that there is superconductivity in our bodies.

1:44:00 – End of first tape just as Hudson opened up for questions on the history. Looks like technical problems interrupted the presentation here.

1:47:20 – Are there any question on the history?

1:47:25 – What did you mean when you said the hydrocarbons would poison the material?

1:47:35 – I’ve found that there are four substances that pin these high spin atoms and take them back to the low spin state. Those substances are sulfites (SO3), carbon and carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, and short wavelength radiation (deep ultraviolet or shorter). That’s what caused this stuff to explode in sunlight, I found out later. So there are four major things which cause this to go back to the low spin state. So, actually, in your body there are four things which cause this to go back to the low spin state. So that in your body it kills the light. It causes them to go back to the low spin state.

1:48:15 – I will say that when nitric oxide interreacts with these elements, taking them back to the low spin state, that it does involve a phenomenon called electron annihilation. And the actual nitric oxides instead of being nitrogen 14 becomes radioactive carbon 14 when that occurs. So that in your body, when dying you are producing radioactive carbon 14. It gets in your body a different way than they tell you it does. [This is not in other lectures. It is very interesting and needs to be checked out]

1:49:20 – Question about suppression of cancer cures.

1:51:18 – Story about conversation with head of Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale. He said Mr. Hudson this is illegal. I will see to it that these doctors are turned over to the proper authorities.

1:53:06 – Bjorn Nordstrom who is on the Nobel committee for medicine, who wrote a book on electrical medicine, is only allowed to work on people who have been given up for dead. He cures 86% of his patients Interestingly, the needles Nordstrom uses are made of platinum and iridium.

1:54:15 – When I am through tomorrow you will see that this is the manna. It is a philosophical material and is not regulated by the government because of the separation of church and state. The FDA or AMA cannot oversee the administration of the sacrament.

1:55:50 – In moving energy across the country wouldn’t you have to change the superconductor into something like wire?

1:56:15 – You could put it into a hollow tube and anneal it and it would become perfectly organized as a superconductor.

1:56:20 – When did you start having sleepless nights when you realized what you had?

1:56:25 – About 14 years ago.

1:57:10 – Is the change of weight a result of the absorption of gasses from the atmosphere or a general change of the structure of the material itself?

1:57:40 – The Russian physicist Sakharov published a paper in 1958 where he said that gravity is not a field. Gravity is produced when the particles of an atom interact with the vacuum energy. If you have no matter there is no gravity. Hal Puthoff developed the mathematics in 1989 and showed that when an element starts interacting in two dimensions instead of three dimensions it looses four ninths of it’s weight.

2:00:04 – Hal Puthoff is working on an experiment where an arm will be passed through the material on the pan while it is withdrawn from this world.

2:01:50 – Can this substance be used by bad people to have power over others? (New world order mentioned)

2:03:40 – Could it be used, yes. Will it be used, I don’t believe so.

2:05:00 – We are setting up a series of tests in Ashland, Oregon with seven doctors overseeing it. A psychiatrist, naturopath, Kirilian photography, brain monitoring equipment. Actually a DNA expert (one of the top four in the country) who is going to monitor all of the DNA changes that are going to occur. And this is going to be done over the next couple of years and all of the results published also to the membership.

2:07:15 – The Vibhuti is pure iridium in the high spin state.

2:09:26 – Where are you on your book project?

2:09:35 – The book will be published at the time the plant comes on line. The plant is scheduled to be on line two years from this month.

2:10:10 – Are you going to demonstrate how this substance can be made for personal use and can you demonstrate superconductivity?

2:10:20 – You could come to the lab and see it levitate. We are making some materials for Westinghouse and we are making some materials for GE. There are aspects of this that I would allow to become proprietary for a year or two to generate some funding.

2:11:15 – Are you going to do a newsletter?

2:11:20 – We are doing a newsletter. We have done one newsletter and our second newsletter is going out this next week to the members of our organization.

2:15:30 – End of introductory lecture.

Workshop Notes

2:16:22 – Today we are going to present the facts. My patent was filed in March of 1988 and all of the papers except one were published after March in 1998

2:17:30 – There are quite a few physicists here in the audience.

2:17:40 – Story of 1986 involvement with Canadian company which didn’t deliver.

2:21:30 – Between 1990 and 93 my hands were tied. So I spent this time researching the literature.

2:22:06 – These elements occur in nature in exactly the amounts that they should be here according to the amounts found in reactor products.

2:23:43 – Scientific American December 1989 Microclusters – I have this one. “How might the atoms reconfigure themselves if freed from the influence of the matter that surrounds them?”

2:25:50 – Solid State Physics in the Liquid State, college graduate text book. A pre-requisite for glass formation is prevention of nucleation crystal growth as the liquid is cooled below its melting or freezing point.

2:32:25 – Talks about internal temperature of monoatomic atoms. Description of yttrium barium copper oxide superconductor and why it works.

2:34:20 – Chart on the internal temperature of monoatomic atoms.

2:36:40 – Scientific American March 1990 – New Radioactivities – I have this one.

“It is now known that the atomic nucleus is a more or less spherical object whose diameter is about a few Fermis–a unit of measure equal to one quadrillionth of a meter, or simply 10-15 meter. Electrons orbit the nucleus at a distance of about 100,000 Fermis. (For comparison, the radius of the moon’s orbit is only about 30 times greater than the diameter of the earth.) Packed in this Fermi-size nucleus is nearly all of the mass of an atom and all of its positive electric charge. The mass of the nucleus comes mainly from nucleons. Protons carry the positive charge.

The structure of the nucleus arises from two types of interactions: strong and electromagnetic. As a result of the strong interaction, or nuclear force, protons bind to neutrons and to each other. The nuclear force binds nucleons very tightly but acts over a very short range. To separate two neutrons that are one Fermi apart, for instance, requires an energy of about one million electron volts. On the other hand, only about 10 electron volts is needed to dissociate two nucleons that are 10 Fermis apart.

As a result of the electromagnetic interaction, or Coulomb force, protons repel other protons. Although the Coulomb force is weaker than the nuclear force, it acts over a much longer range. If two protons are one Fermi apart, the Coulomb force is about 100 times weaker than the nuclear force. Yet at a distance of 10 Fermis, the Coulomb force is about 10 times stronger than the nuclear force.”

About elongation of nucleus. Elongates and pops apart without radiation. Strong reaction (nuclear force). Glue is strong close up. Coulomb force is stronger than nuclear force at a certain distance. Proton, neutron and electron orbitals fill in harmonic sequences. Left side and right side elements are very spherical. Center elements deform in monoatomic form.

Actinide groups all deform and so do lanthanide group from 62-66. This effect has to do with transition elements. Dipole atoms have no vibration since they have counter rotating electron.

2:49:15 – Physical Review C Vol. 39 #3, March 1989, Possible discontinuity in the octupole behavior in the Pt-Hg Region, C. S. Lim, R. H. Spear, W. J. Vermeer, and M. P. Fewell, Department of Nuclear Physics, Research School of Physical Science, Australian National University – I have this one. “A discontinuity of this magnitude is not observed in any other part of the periodic table.” Paper on which elements have nuclear deformation.

2:51:15 – Physical Review C Vol. 37 #2 American Physical Society February 1988 Collective and single particle structure in 103Rh – I have this one. Rhodium has only one stable isotope. One atom at a time. High spin state. rhodium as a single atom can have a deformed nucleus. Mercury has a high spin state. When the nucleus deforms to a two to one ratio it goes to a high spin state.

2:53:35 – Physical Review C Vol. 38 #2 August 1988 – Structure of Os and Pt isotopes – I have this one. Platinum and Osmium have many isotopes.

2:54:25 – Physical Review C Vol. 38 #2 August 1988 – Superdeformation in 104, 105Pd – I have this one. Super deformation in Palladium 104 and 105. 2 to 1 ratio. High spin and superdeformation.

2:58:10 – Physical Review Letters March 6, 1989 Vol.62 #10 – Direct Mapping of Adatom-Adatom Interactions – Fumiya Watanabe and Gert Ehrlich. Three dimensional graph of iridium deposition. Coulomb wave coming off the atom, determined the arrangement of atom deposition on plate. Resonant coupled system arrangement. These should be superconductors. The coulomb wave perpetuates the superconductive properties of these atoms.

3:05:50 – Physical Review C Vol. 41 #4 April 1990 Inertia of superdeformed bands – Paper from Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen.- I have this one. “Such deformation plays an important role in spontaneous fission

3:08:40 – Scientific American October 1991 – The Spectra of Super Deformed Nuclei “Researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley laboratory have been finding that rapidly spinning nuclei with different masses have similar–if not exactly the same–moments of inertia. ‘Something is going on,’ said Frank F. Stephens, a physicist at the Lawrence Berkeley lab, ‘and for reasons we don’t understand yet.'” “A spinning nucleus results from an off-center collision between two nuclei that fuse to form a rapidly spinning, elongated body. “The deformed nucleus can take the shape of an American football, a doorknob, or possibly even a banana depending on the collision energy in the nuclei. In a typically deformed nucleus the long axis exceeds the two short axis by about a factor of 1.3. Nucleus whose long axis is about twice that of the short axis are called superdeformed.” That’s what we discussed earlier, the 2 to 1 deformation. “It is in these superdeformed nuclei that curious goings on have taken place. A spinning superdeformed nucleus slows down in discrete steps, each time emitting gamma rays, or highly energetic photons. The emissions produce a characteristic band of energy spikes all spaced equally apart. The surprise: the spectra of some different superdeformed nuclei were almost identical.” Light doesn’t exist in any space time. Instrumentation based on detecting electrons cannot detect these atoms.

3:16:30 – Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometry – Berean Associates – College text from 1963-64 NMR spectroscopy can switch atoms to high spin state. There is no net loss of energy when energy is put into a system that has high spin atoms. Energy can be passed from one atom to the next in a resonant coupled system with no net loss of energy i.e. superconductivity.

3:18:45 – Physical Review C Vol. 41 #4 April 1990 – Quantum size effects in rapidly rotating nuclei – Niels Bohr Institute, An atom cannot be a super conductor. It takes a certain number of atoms to be a superconductor. That is why I filed separate patents on the ORME state and I filed separate patents on the resonant coupled quantum oscillator of a mini atom system in a superconductor state. Literally the physics of a nuclei becomes the physics of many nuclei when they are resonant coupled. All the atom has to do is be in the Coulomb field of the other atoms and it perpetuates the energy flow as light. The light goes from one atom to the next as long as their fields touch. The electron orbitals don’t touch but the Coulomb field touches. The atoms can be three times the distance apart that they need to be to be chemically bound and they are still coupled by the Coulomb field. They are nestled in the wave and they perpetuate the wave.

3:22:45 – Physical Review Letters Vol. 62 February 27, 1989 #9 – Bound States, Cooper Pairing and Bose Condensation in Two Dimensions. This is a paper on superconductivity.

3:24:55 – Platinum Metals Review, 1990, Volume 34, Number 4, page 235 – Biophysical Studies of the Modification of DNA by Antitumour Platinum Coordination Complexes. The modification of DNA by cisplatin has been examined. Anti-tumour active Pt compounds induce in DNA, at low levels of binding, local conformational alterations which have the character of non-denaturing distortions. These changes in DNA occur due to formation of inter-strand cause links…”. Talks more about the things that pin high spin elements to a low spin state.

3:30:10 – Scientific American, May 1995 “The researchers examined the electrical properties of short lengths of double-helix DNA in which there was a ruthenium atom at each end of one of the strands. Meade and Kayyem estimated from earlier studies that a short single strand of DNA ought to conduct up to 100 electrons a second. Imagine their astonishment when they measured the rate of flow along the ruthenium-doped double helix: the current was up by a factor of more than 10,000 times-over a million electrons a second. It was as if the double helix was behaving like a piece of molecular wire.

For some time, chemists have suspected that the double helix might create a highly conductive path along the axis of the molecule, a route that does not exist in the single strand. Here was confirmation of this idea.”

What they are measuring is really superconductivity.

3:32:20 – We got brain tissue from Safeway, destroyed all the organics in fuming sulfuric acid, oxidized all the carbon away and did an elemental sulfate analysis. We found that over 5% by dry matter weight of this brain tissue is made up of rhodium and iridium in the high spin state.

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